>> Jeffery and Rachel C.

Our son, Jeffery, attended the preschool at Creative Arts Academy and it was wonderful. The curriculum, teachers, and staff were amazing with the kids. My son learned how to write his letters and recognize words and different themes from the week. It was unfortunate we had to move out of state. We had planned on our son and our daughter attending the next school year. This school truly cares about the education and well being of every child that attends. Involvement is key and they are very involved in what goes on at their school. It took us over a year to discover this school and it ended up being more than worth it. We would definitely recommend this for any child whether it is full time or part time.

>> Angie and Ed K.

Mrs. Pam, We are so sad to be leaving KC, but especially to say good-bye to you and your staff at Creative Arts. Both Girls have thrived in the positive environment you’ve created. I wake them up each Tuesday saying, “today’s Creative Arts day” and they pop up with a smile. I know I won’t be able to replace you, but we hope to continue what you’ve started in our new home in Maine. Please let Jessica and Ryan how very much we appreciate them as well.


My daughter, Emma, has been attending Creative Arts Academy for 7 months now and she loves it!! She has made so many friends and LOVES Mrs. Pam's class and Miss Jessica's class. It's the 1 day of the week she actually looks forward to. I look forward to her having fun again next year!! Thanks so much for all your hard work Mrs. Pam and Miss Jessica!!!

>>Tara B

CAA is a wonderful dance school. Tara loves it and if you’re reading this and you’re looking for a dance school go to CAA! CAA dancer, Tara B.


My grandchildren have been going here for 3 years now and I have NEVER EVER seen a more devoted team. Mrs. Pam (owner) walks into the room and every child in the room lights up and runs to her yelling "ms pam, ms pam". Thats not really the amazing part. The amazing part is that out of all the preschool students and all dance students and gymnastics the woman knows every childs name. She is a beautiful and loving teacher. this school is a tiny bit more in price but your children are treated as if by family... I could go on and on about this school. I would just like to thank everyone who has supported our family through all of our hardship and trials.I know without a doubt our children would not be where they are today if i had taken them some place else. If you want your children to be loved AND taught this is the place for you.


The staff at CAA has built my daughter's self esteem while laying the foundations to tap, ballet, and gymnastics. I have been so impressed with the passion and dedication the teachers have for their students. Dress code is simple...tuition is fair....girls are not pressured to look unhealthily skinny or wear excessive makeup....costumes are tasteful and recitals are impressive. I'm so glad that we found CAA