Gymnastics & Tumbling

   At CAA Gymnastics and Tumbling, our season has no beginning and no can enroll all year long! Gymnastics and tumbling are competitive sports that require strength and endurance, just like football, only harder! Physical development is one facet of our recreational/instructional division at CAA. Large motor skill development, coordination, and attention span awareness are added advantages and natural outgrowths that come from the proper training built into each of our programs. CAA offers 45 minute or one hour classes in recreational tumbling and gymnastics. For upper level gymnasts, we offer classes two or three times per week. We believe children can develop as outstanding athletes and still have a life outside the gym. Gymnastics not only improves a child's physical strength but self-esteem and self confidence as well.

   Our professional staff is passionate about gymnastics and sharing that passion with children. Most of the instructors have been a part of the CAA family since they were students themselves. You will find personal attention, small class sizes and a caring staff at CAA Gymnastics and Tumbling.

Gymnastics Fees:

  • 45 minute class - $48.00/month
  • 1 hour class - $51.00/month
  • 1 1/2 hour class - $73.00/month
  • 1 3/4 hour class - $77.00/month
  • 2 one hour classes - $81.00/month


  • Level 2: 1.5 hours per week - $73.00/month
  • PreTeam: 3 hours per week - $101.00/month
  • Team: 4 hours per week - $121.00/month
  •          : 6 hours per week - $161.00/month

Annual Registration Fee: $40

Gym students can add a hip-hop or tumbling class for $34/month.

We Do Fantastic Gymnastics Birthday Parties

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